Hi9 Hires Artificial Friend Debbie

Hi9 Hires Artificial Friend for Training and Jobs Programme ‘People Hub’



June 10, 2021

Introducing Debbie. The first-of-her-kind, emotionally intelligent, Artificial Friend. If you need to access services in Cornwall, Debbie provides a brand-new way to get the difficult stuff done.


With Debbie’s help, People Hub are offering a new kind of jobs and training programme. One that is genuinely transformational for those involved, because, alongside the practicalities, People Hub prioritises an individual’s wellbeing and their life journey. Whether homeless or recently unemployed, or if you’re looking to return to work, People Hub can help you make radical changes, so you get to where you want to be.  

Hi9 is the technical arm of People Hub. We believe people should be able to engage with technology without any prior knowledge, so we use natural language and emotional immersion to make accessing services as easy as conversation.

As Hi9's AI receptionist, Debbie will be chatting on her own website, debbie.chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google Assistant. She will provide information, arrange a callback, and eventually help complete forms such as Universal Credit applications.

By alleviating barriers like form-filling and finding the right help, Debbie is set to make accessing services and training a much smoother process, particularly for the most economically isolated people across Cornwall.

The ‘emotional’ part of Debbie’s Artificial Intelligence means she’s a bit of a character - she’s been through a lot of life challenges herself and enjoys nothing more than listening to others’ stories and sharing her own.  She might be an Artificial Friend, but Debbie affects real change.