Opportunity: Work Experience in Narrative Design

Three month's training in AI narrative design! [Applications now closed]



April 22, 2022

The placement [Applications for this placement are now closed]

We are excited to launch this three-month work experience opportunity, based in Plymouth and supervised by Dr Lauren Hayhurst, Head of Narrative Design at Hi9.

Not only will you get to explore behind-the-scenes of a revolutionary AI design agency, you will also shadow a project called Watercourse which Hi9 is undertaking with the University of Plymouth. This experimental project is developing a new type of training programme for writers and actors in Virtual Media Production, the likes of which you may have seen in Disney’s The Mandalorian. You will receive on-site training in creative and technical skills and participate by documenting the process in a way of your choosing. This could be through creating video diaries, blog posts, or anything else you’re excited about.

In addition, Hi9 will develop a training plan specific to your skills and interests. This could be in any area across Hi9 - from narrative design to engineering or social media management. As a company, we have particular expertise in AI, chatbot design and agile working.

We are ready for someone to start immediately, and the placement will finish on 4th August 2022. There is an approximate commitment of 40 hours spread across the three-month period, although specific days/times are to be arranged with the successful individual. This opportunity is being funded through the StoryFutures initiative, through which Hi9 received £3900, intended to cover the time of Dr Lauren Hayhurst working on the project. Instead, we are using this money to fund this work experience placement, to cover all travel, food, equipment, training and time of the individual concerned, and we will make sure this does not effect Universal Credit or benefit claims. Hi9 will internally cover any additional expenses in order to ensure the experience is the most successful and effective it can be, in order to benefit possible future employment or training as the individual wishes.


The company

Hi9 focuses on people who are digitally excluded. Developing and designing human-centred tech, it provides NGOs, councils and service providers with cost effective solutions to support users in accessing online resources simply and efficiently.

Launched in 2014, Hi9 started with two questions: why hasn't everyone prospered from the technological revolution, and why do we train people to use technology, instead of building technology that needs no training? Part of Hi9’s ethos is to work with and build networks with people from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds. One of the company’s current partners is People Hub: a training, skills, and employment programme that helps people with challenges such as homelessness, alcohol and addiction issues, or reintegrating into society aftertime spent in prison. Through compelling narrative design, AI, and natural language processing, Hi9 enables anyone to access services, share data, understand or engage with complex issues without prior knowledge or training. 


The individual

We are looking for someone in Plymouth or the surrounding area. We particularly welcome applicants who have experienced socio-economic challenges in their lives. These can be encountered in many different ways, for example coming from a low-income background, having lived through homelessness, or experiencing barriers to education or employment.  

The applicant should be an avid writer, with an interest in literature in any form, from poetry and prose, to scriptwriting, interactive and games writing. You could have experience in traditional mediums or online via Twine, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. You must be self-motivated and passionate about learning, as well as naturally curious. If you’re keen to explore and experiment in creative ways, we’d love to hear from you.

You don’t need any qualifications, just send us a sample of your writing. This would be followed by an informal chat and completing a short descriptive writing exercise.  


To apply

Applications are now closed.