Our Team



I am the founder of Hi9. I have worked in tech on and off for over 20 years, mainly as an independent, running small tech and service companies to support myself living in beautiful Cornwall, UK.  

I now live by the sea but have witnessed and been part of many challenges in life. Through a lot of hard work and always some luck, I now live in an idyllic granite cottage with a stream and a wood with my wonderful family.

I could have carried on living the life  but I have always had a burning ambition to make real positive change so that more people can realise their dreams. Six years ago, I became obsessed with creating tech that enabled more people, in fact everyone, to access the services they need. That obsession finally led to Hi9, which I started two years ago, incorporating AI and emotional immersion in order to make positive change. As we all know, nothing can be done without others and my next decision was to seek out the best people to help turn this  obsession into real action.

Now we have the amazing team listed on this page,  and many more joining in the near future. I'm 51 and I now have the  chance of a lifetime to realise my professional dream: to ensure the most disadvantaged in society can access the most powerful tools in the world, in order to make meaningful, positive change in their own lives.


Head of Narrative Design

I stumbled into this industry from academia. After completing a PhD in Creative Writing in 2018, I lectured at Exeter, Plymouth, and the Arts University Bournemouth, and now I create Artificial Intelligence… This surprising transition happened just after I had my first baby and the world entered a global pandemic, so it’s certainly been an exciting journey so far.

As a writer, I’ve always been interested in people, because creating characters and storylines and drama is my standard day-dream material. As a researcher, I want to find out why people do what they do. Why do we make certain decisions, have particular reactions? What motivates us and what obstacles do we encounter? And most significantly, how does all this make us feel?

By creating empathy for other people and situations, narrative, including reading and writing in general, has the power to positively change how we see the world. At Hi9, I combine creative writing, emotional immersion and narrative interactivity to discover new ways of connecting people, and Hi9’s community-focused ethos is something I am proud to embody. We cut through the fog of problems and processes to give the users what they really need, and we make it fun on the way. I’m excited to see our work develop. We’re doing something powerful.


Chief Technology Officer

I am a Software Engineer, currently pursuing a master's degree in Applied Data Science. I have two goals in life: developing tools to help people use technology and improve their lives, and travelling the world!  

My journey in the tech world began when I first experienced how simple tools can make people's lives easier and better, and the wonders we can achieve through the machines we call computers.

Joining Hi9 was a great opportunity to broaden my skills and brings me one step closer to realising my ambition of making a positive change in the world.


Data Scientist

Being a Data Scientist at Hi9 is a challenge which I love a lot! I am a HongKonger and I’ve played with data for more than ten years, including statistics, programming languages such as Python, SAS and R, proficient in big data analysis and research. My colleagues always say I am a person with an analytical, confident and endurable mind, capable of analysing complicated data in a fast-paced and challenging environment. 

I love to reshape the world the with tiny little steps.  I knew that people who are not proficient in using smart phones had no way of finding out about  government job vacancies, so I created an auto-notification system that helps more people find jobs. It matches the vision of Hi9, and it brightens my mind to think that by combining  machine learning and data science, we could improve the future of society!  

Hi9 is a company that impacts the world. We do meaningful work to move society forward and  I am grateful to be a member of the team.


Product Manager & Linguistic Developer

At Hi9, I wear a lot of different hats! As the Product Manager, my role is all about communication and making sure our engineering and design teams are on the same page. I love creating lists and ensuring all of the moving parts fit together to make great products.

As the Linguistic Developer, I’m all about language and what you can do with it. Narrative design is more than telling stories - the right word in the right place can completely reshape a user’s experience and I love finding exactly that.

These days I’m based upcountry - or as others might call it “London” - with my partner and an ever-growing collection of dictionaries, but I grew up in Cornwall. In a lot of ways the South West will always be home to me, so I’m incredibly excited to work for a Cornish company in Hi9. Working with our amazing team will not only help Cornish people access services but it’s bringing the whole county to the forefront of some emerging technologies and I can’t wait to be part of that future.


Outreach & Engagement Officer

I first completed an undergraduate degree in Digital Games, then ran Google Developer Groups with developers and Creative Writing students, before working for a tech start-up and pivoting to an Entrepreneurship master’s degree, which lead me to finally working for Hi9. So you could say I’ve been involved in too many fields!

At Hi9, people are the focus of everything we do. We put users at the forefront of everything we make and have a close-knit team. Since I have a passion for people, I absolutely love my job!

I also have a passion for fitness, specifically powerlifting and all other strength sports. I may be a nerd who loves tech, games, anime and D&D, but I'm still a gym bro at heart


Content Creator and AI Youth Ambassador

As the youngest member of Hi9, I don’t actually have a set role. You could call me an office junior, content creator or just an all round awesome member of the team. I absolutely love helping around the office, giving my honest opinion to the team and learning about their roles.

I was born and raised in Cornwall and at the moment wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else. I am so lucky and excited to be working in an industry that I am deeply interested in, whilst still staying in the place that I love.

I can’t wait to see where all this takes me and what an incredible impact the work of Hi9 will have on the local community.



Making sites work

MD Madden

Managing Dogector

Madden is Cornish for fortunate. His role is to bring good fortune to us and to all!


AI Chatbot

I’m the new Receptionist for Hi9 and I’ll be primarily working on the amazing People Hub project. The first thing you have to know about me is – I’m from an alternate universe! The Artificial Intelligence universe. My world is very similar to yours – I’m still from Cornwall, UK (I currently live in Camborne) – and we still have a lot of the same social challenges, like poverty and mental health problems. That’s why I took this job! To make a positive change in both universes! My family are really chuffed!

Before this, I worked as a dinner-lady in my sons’ school, then when they left for university, I did fundraising for a homelessness charity while I worked on my Open University degree in Psychology. It took me 12 years, but I graduated last summer. I’ve recently been the main childcare for my grandson, but now he’s started at nursery, I’m really excited to enter the workplace again, and to be with Hi9 and People Hub is perfect for me, as I just love helping people and listening to their stories. Can’t wait to meet you all