Experience the revolution in community support as we bring council, health, housing, and more to your doorstep

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Outreach AI: Delivering Essential Services Across Cornwall

Outreach AI: Your Mobile Community Support

Bringing Services to You:

Outreach AI redefines access to essential services in Cornwall's most underserved communities. This innovative mobile unit, equipped with advanced AI technology, offers a bridge to crucial services like health advice, housing support, council services, and much more, ensuring that assistance is just a conversation away.

Comprehensive Support Onboard

A Spectrum of Services at Your Service:
Council Services: Navigate local council resources, applications, and services with ease, making government support more accessible.
Healthcare Assistance: Immediate access to health consultations, booking medical appointments, and vital public health information.
Housing Help: Support and guidance on housing matters, from finding accommodation to understanding tenants' rights.
Community Connections: Linking you to job support, educational resources, and local community services to foster growth and opportunity.

How It Works: Seamless Assistance for All

Friendly, Conversational Interface: Outreach AI's approachable, voice-activated AI makes getting help as easy as having a chat, breaking down technological barriers.
Privacy-First Information Sharing: Information from your interactions, whether it's advice received or next steps, is shared securely, respecting your privacy and security.
Tangible and Digital Resources: With a mix of digital guidance and physical tools from the Bugle Library of Things, Outreach AI provides a holistic approach to community aid.

Stories of Impact

Explore real-life stories from Cornwall residents who have benefited from the Outreach AI van's visits. From crucial health services accessed in time of need to vital housing support provided, these testimonials highlight the positive ripple effects of Outreach AI throughout the community.

Our Collaborative Effort

This initiative is made possible through the partnership with Bugle Library of Things and the support of Cornwall Council, underscoring our collective commitment to serving Cornwall's communities. Together, we're making strides towards a future where everyone has access to the support and services they need, right in their own neighbourhoods.

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