Freedom from Fear by using AI

AI can empower individuals and communities by providing access to knowledge and enabling the sharing of data. Using AI, people can overcome barriers to information and resources, and take control of their lives with greater confidence and security. AI has the potential to create a world where everyone has the freedom to learn, grow, and share without fear.
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Hi9 Suite

We have created a suite of products that will revolutionise how people interact with and access data. Together these products are an incredibly powerful tool for any user or organisation.

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Access Services with just a message

A Cornish chatbot who helps you get the difficult stuff done, from job searches to benefit estimations and so much more.

National AI to help people on benefits

An AI to help everyone access services

Share info with your community

For organisations to share info about local events and opening hours without the stress, just send us a message and away you go!

Don't Repeat Yourself

A brand new way of securely saving and sharing your data! Easily track and share your personal information with who you want, when you want.

Other Services

A range of other services that you'll be sure to love

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Discovering job insights, one pearl at a time. A brand-new tool that collects and analyses data from job listings to find which skills and qualifications are the most in demand. It draws data from the top five different job websites, making it the most comprehensive bank of information in Cornwall.

Education and Training

Bringing AI to the next generation - we offer  training in AI and chatbot design. Get in touch to learn more!

It started with two simple questions:

Why hasn't everyone prospered from the technological revolution?
Why do we train people to use technology, instead of building technology that needs no training?

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People Hub and 'Debbie'
If you need to access services in Cornwall, here's a brand new way to get the difficult stuff done.

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