Artificial Friends,
Real Change

using AI and Natural Language
with emotional immersion...

So anyone can access services and share data without prior knowledge or training

It started with two simple questions:

Why hasn't everyone prospered from the technological revolution?
Why do we train people to use technology, instead of building technology that needs no training?

Let's look at

Current Projects

People Hub and 'Debbie'
If you need to access services in Cornwall, here's a brand new way to get the difficult stuff done.

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Assisted Tech

Technology in health and social care to help care home staff and residents access information through to a bot that aids with wound treatment. Working with Universities such as Plymouth and Exeter Hi9 has built and building technology that will create a better future.

Project IA

Working with schools and colleges using the South West Internet of Things Network that Hi9 founded to build a digital twin of the environment using AI that the schools can learn from. We aim to deliver AI education from primary to adult.

Cultural Sector

Working with Cornwall Museum Partnership, Museums and Galleries Hi9 has been building solutions such as Cornwall Tales, an Alexa skill that highlights in a narrative way Cornish songs and Audio interviews. A touch less device to interact with Museum exhibits to help with infection control and much more.

Our Own Ethics

Consideration of the ethical implications.


Working in a Agile way to deliver


Work with the disadvantaged first


Emotional Exchange

All Cards Divided into

10 Most Common Sections

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