Elderly Care AI

Rowcroft Care Home, in collaboration with Hi9 and AWS, is revolutionizing elderly care with AI, introducing advanced hydration monitoring and secure door systems to enhance resident safety and well-being.

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Revolutionising Elderly Care at Rowcroft with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Rowcroft Hospice, in partnership with Hi9 and AWS, is at the forefront of integrating innovative AI technologies to enhance the quality of life and safety of its patients and future elderly residents. Understanding the critical challenges faced in hospices and nursing homes, Rowcroft is pioneering the use of AI to address two significant issues: hydration monitoring and secure, supervised access door systems. These initiatives are not only set to improve the well-being and safety of patients and residents, but also pave the way for advanced AI testing within its future nursing home setting.

Hydration Monitoring AI: Tackling a Critical Issue

Hydration is a fundamental aspect of health, especially for the elderly, who are at a higher risk of dehydration. The consequences of inadequate hydration can be severe, including an increased risk of falls, one of the most common accidents among the elderly and infections. At least one in five people living in care homes are dehydrated in the UK, and falls are a leading cause of hospital admission for older people and pose a significant challenge in elderly care settings. By implementing an AI system designed to monitor hydration levels, Rowcroft aims to proactively prevent dehydration-related health issues and falls, ensuring residents receive timely and adequate hydration.

AI-Enhanced Door Systems: Balancing Freedom and Safety

The second innovative project involves the development of an AI-powered door monitoring system. This system is designed to allow freedom of movement for residents within the care home while ensuring that those who require closer supervision for safety reasons do not exit unsupervised. This balance between resident autonomy and safety is crucial in maintaining a dignified and secure living environment. The AI system will intelligently recognise residents' needs and alert staff in real-time if a resident who requires supervision attempts to exit, ensuring prompt response and care.

Collaboration with AWS: Powering Innovation

The collaboration with AWS brings immense technological expertise and resources to these projects, enabling the development of sophisticated AI solutions tailored to the unique needs of elderly care. AWS's cloud services and AI capabilities provide the necessary infrastructure and computational power to support real-time monitoring, data analysis, and alert systems, ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of both the hydration monitoring and door system projects.

Get Involved and Stay Informed

For those interested in learning more about these revolutionary projects at Rowcroft or seeking information on how AI can transform elderly care, Hi9 and Rowcroft welcome your inquiries. By reaching out, you can gain insights into the latest advancements in AI for elderly care, explore potential collaborations, or simply stay updated on the progress and outcomes of these initiatives.

Through these groundbreaking projects, Rowcroft, in collaboration with Hi9 and AWS, is setting a new standard for elderly care, demonstrating how AI technology can be harnessed to improve the health, safety, and well-being of residents in nursing home settings.

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